1. The first step to purchasing a chinchilla from KISS is to read our "Chinchilla Care" page.
  2. Get your chinchillas cage all set up and ready to go. You will need a food dish, water bottle, wood shelves and your chinnie would love it if you got him/her a wood house.
  3. Contact KISS to ask any questions you may have, discuss the chinchilla you are interested in, discuss transportation.
  4. Arrangements will be made and agreed upon between the buyer and seller for pickup. After the location / time is agreed upon, if buyer does not show to take delivery, the non-refundable deposit will be forfeited. If something comes up and you know you can't take delivery, the seller will make every attempt possible to work with you. For deliveries, outside of Sacramento/Auburn, the agreed upon delivery dates are firm.
  5. Place your chinchilla "ON HOLD" with a non-refundable deposit or arrange for pickup within 3 days. By placing your animal on hold you are agreeing to delivery/pick up terms discussed above and that confirming that you have read and understand the Chinchilla Care page. As stated above, if you do not take delivery of the chinchilla at the agreed upon time and location, your deposit will be forfeited.
  6. Accepted methods of payment: Venmo/Cas

  • A non-refundable* deposit of 25% is required to hold animals that will be:
    1. delivered, or
    2. when you can't pick it up right of way, but have your heart set on your Fur-ever friend. We will hold a chinchilla with a deposit for up to 30 days.
  • For deliveries outside of California, your chinchilla must be paid for in full prior to shipping or delivery.

*If you fail to take delivery at the agreed upon delivery location or fail to pick up your chinchilla within the 30 days, you will forfeit your deposit.

We are located east of Sacramento in Northern California. We deliver every 2-3 months to Burbank, CA in Southern California. For actual delivery dates, see the top of the chinchilla sales pages. During these deliveries, we can meet you anywhere along I-5 between Sacramento and Burbank. We also do deliveries during show season (typically November - February), to Oregon and Washington, as well as other parts of the country.

With your new fur-friend, you will get food (Modesto Mills Organic), dust (Chilldust) and Timothy Hay. We want to be sure the transition to your home is a smooth as possible.

Typically no. We live here also and keeping my family safe is my #1 priority.

I typically wean my animals in pairs, so they are well-socialized. While chinchillas are social animals, they do NOT need to be with another chinchilla to have a good life. A chinchilla can be a happy single pet with a large cage, healthy diet — to include Timothy hay, wood shelves to occupy them and a hidey house. Looking for a pair? I will typically list the cagemate in the description of the chinnie. If you take home 2 chinchillas, be sure to have 2 cages in the event they don't play nice in the dustbox.

We ship all over the world through various airlines. Domestic Shipping Prices (within the continental US) range from $300-$500 for up to four chinchillas shipped, dependent upon your location. For International shipments, please contact us.