About Royal Chinchillas

About Royal Chinchillas

Welcome to Royal Chinchillas!

We specialize in all breeds of chinchillas, including the following mutations: Royal Persian Angoras (RPA) of all colors, Standards, Black Velvets, Beige, White Mosaic, Pink White, Violet, Champagne (LRW), Black Pearl, Sapphire, Blue Diamond, Ebony and other mixed color variations. Health and quality are deeply rooted in our lineage by using Standard Chinchillas with a long-standing history of genetic excellence.

We are the leading worldwide supplier of Royal Persian Angora (RPA) long haired chinchillas and have a proven show record of producing some of the best quality short haired chinchillas in the US. Our quality chinchillas are healthy and friendly - making for a beautiful, fun addition as a family pet.

We believe in partnering with chinchilla owners, to ensure you have the tools and proper knowledge to give your family pet a long, happy and healthy life.

We have been breeding and contending at the top of the show table for well over a decade. We are active participants in US Based national chinchilla organizations and have developed international networks in both Europe and Asia.

Royal Chinchillas family

Kurt & Shahna Powell, Owners